I had a million jobs. And I haven’t found one that I like and now we’re in the middle of the Covid-19 apocalypse and I won’t have a job after this is over, whenever that is. 

There are a few ways to getting a new job, one is apply directly to the company or apply through a job agencies. And this is about the latter. 

You apply on the agency’s website, upload a cover letter and a resume. After reading the application, you may get an invite for an interview. The ones I had basically sum up like this: 

  • Fill out paperwork, which means copying your resume on the piece of paper. ID copying, lots of it.  
  • Interview 
  • End interview with the following: “The role you applied for has now been fulfilled, but we’d like to keep your details on file, in case a new role will pop up” 

And you’ll never hear from them again. I have so many questions, and one of them is, HOW DO THESE AGENCIES KEEP IN BUSINESS? And WHO IS ACTUALLY EMPLOYED THROUGH AN AGENCIES? Coz’ I never met anyone who got a job through an agency. 

If anyone has an answer to these 2 questions, let me know. I’m dying to know.