At the end of November, we traveled by train to Picton. That meant hauling two heavy bags filled with electronics and chargers and clothes to the train station, a few blocks from the house.

Once embarked on the train, we were treated with amazing views.

In the train

From the train                             From the other side of the train

The train has an open car at the end, allowing tourists to perform death defying selfies and regular Joe’s like me to take pictures and pretend we’re a digital Picasso.

Once in Picton, we were picked up by boat (eek) to go to the bach in the Middle Of Nowhere Bay.

I'm on a boat


The bach itself was in the most picturesque surroundings.

Jetty                              Boat and jetty

The bay itself was amazing.

Bay in Marlborough Sounds                              View in BW

The second day we went fishing and toured around on the boat.

Opne sea ahead, mateyOn the boat                              From the boat

And on the third day it was time to pack up, ride the boat back to Picton and catch the train back home. But before we embarked on the train, we had a lunch at The Jolly Roger, where I saw some majectic sea flap flaps.

Majestic sea flap flap

The classy train ride back. Food and drinks and views.

Calssy travel by train

From the train

Dry surroundings Blenheim Near Blenheim                              The sea in the background Raod Contrast of colours

I’m considering being a pirate now. After all this boating.